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30 Year: 3.75%
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FHA 30 Year: 3.75%
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96.5% FHA Financing with Fico scores down to 530
96.5% FHA Financing with Fico scores down to 580
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Reverse Mortgages / Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

FHA is committed to assisting senior citizens and has created a loan program that directly addresses the unique concerns of this fast growing population. The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is insured by the FHA and funded by Fannie Mae making sure you stay in your house as long as you like. The program can accommodate single family residences, 2-4 unit dwelling, planned unit developments and condominiums. This is a very viable solution for individuals on a set income in need of additional monthly income.

Benefits to utilizing a Reverse Mortgage

Insured by the United States Government
Income not used to qualify
The Equity in your home is used qualify
Additional monthly income to improve living style
All applicants must be 62 years of Age
All monies received are TAX FREE
You Keep the title to your home
NO Health or Credit Checks

Getting paid on a Reverse Mortgage is entirely up to you!

Lump sum when your loan closes where all the proceeds will be given to you at once
Monthly cash where you can get a pre-defined amount per year as chosen by you
Monthly cash for as long as you live in your home
Credit line account where you receive cash as needed as an advance during the term of the loan
Combinations of the above are possible also

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